Monday, April 23, 2018

Making the Mark!

May 1st is National College Decision Day and high school seniors all over, if they have not done so already, are making their final decisions as to what school they will be attending for college. The factors that go in to the decision process are different for every individual, but I am going to let you know why I chose to attend the University of South Alabama.

The first thing that I noticed about South, were the dormitories. They were very nice and they had several options to choose from. To top if off, there are no community bathrooms which is one of the first reasons I chose to come to South. I also enjoyed the experience of USA Day with the faculty, staff, and students. They were able to showcase the school in a positive way and made me feel at home as if I was already a part of the Jaguar family. The Psychology department was also very informative and engaged with prospective students and family and gave me a great insight of what to expect in that department.

I also liked that if was to attend South, it would be more affordable compared to other schools that were on my list. I also chose South because of its big, but small nature. The campus is not too big, but not too small which creates a family, friendly atmosphere where everyone has something they can offer in their own way. I also enjoyed that there were so many organization that geared toward different interests that you could be a part of and that stuck out to me. Just knowing that everyone has a place to be themselves as well as evolve into the well-rounded professionals that each student is striving to be was very refreshing and I wanted to be a part of that.

Monday, April 16, 2018

It's All In The Brain!!!

During my junior year of high school, there were many colleges visiting my high school to inform us about their institutions and what they had to offer. There were questions asked as to what we were thinking about majoring in once we entered college. In that moment, I always struggled with that because at the time, I had no idea what career path I wanted to embark upon.

I always knew that I was passionate about the mental stability of people and how they coped with stress. From experience, I always felt that there should be a more welcoming arena to talk about what one was feeling and how they were processing the things around thing. I was that friend that everyone confided in and was able to talk to about their issues. In high school, we use to participate in this tool called career cruising, where we took personality and skill tests to see what careers were a perfect fit for us. I always got hits for teacher, counselor, doctor, instructor, psychologist and things in that realm.

After exploring, I found out that psychology was the field for me. This field is very important in touching the lives of our community to see what is present and what's the solution to alleviate the stress, trauma, and other elements that damage the minds of our people. With research and teaching, we are able to come up with possible treatments and skills to get in the profession to touch these individuals who are challenged with mental stability.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Conquering College!

As I reflect upon my college career, I begin to think about all the good, bad, and challenging times that I have faced while trying to conquer college. From staying up late, eating bad food, or just crying because of being overwhelmed, I have learned that life is what you make it and we all can have the desires of our heart if we just believe in ourselves.

One quality or characteristic that has most helped me during my college experience would be perseverance. It has stuck with me because I always kept my goals and aspirations in mind during the tough times. There were many times where I wanted to give up on getting my Bachelor's degree in Psychology by letting my circumstances and the environment consume my mind and motivations. I was able to push through and remember that I was put here for a reason and I am not a quitter.

Perseverance helped me to continue to build up my confidence to be strong, by putting one foot in front of the other to get the job done. I was always determined to never start something without finishing it and that followed me to college. By having perseverance, I am able to say that in 33 days, I will be graduating with my Bachelor's in Arts, and will be interviewing for graduate school on tomorrow in hope to return to South in Fall. I was able to defeat all the obstacles that were present to get the winning ticket in the end.

Monday, March 12, 2018

USA Fun Facts!!!

The University of South Alabama is known for its continuous growth and interests as well as the student experience here on campus. You may come visit South to learn more about our academic programs, student life, and scholarship opportunities, but have you ever heard about those incentives and perks that come with being a student at South? If not, let me fill you in! Some fun facts that you might not know about South is as followed:

1. Fried Chicken Wednesdays at the Cafe! Every Wednesday, the Cafe serves fried chicken that everyone loves. Be sure to get there early, you may have to wait in line!

2. Discount at Local Restaurants with Jag Card! There are several restaurants in the area that give South students discounts on food purchase with the proof of jag card.

3. The Moulton Tower is named after our second President and wife Gordon and Geri Moulton!

4. We have a heated pool that's open year round! With Mobile's frequently nice weather, in the middle of February or early March, you may want to go take a quick dip in our heated pool.

5. Free admissions to all Jaguar sport events! Being a student at South is definitely a perk, especially when you are able to go to all your favorite sport events for free. Be sure to bring your jag card to enjoy the Jaguar Fun!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Jump That Hurdle, You Got This!

While attending college, there are some changes that will take place that you have never experienced before and somehow you are expected to continue to be positive, hard-working, and responsible while completing your degree here at the university. The challenges that you face in college will either help or hinder your success depending on the way you cope with those difficult tasks. For me, one of my biggest challenges while being here at South would have to be my sophomore year when I was challenged with depression.

Mental health awareness is very important, especially when you undergo new challenges or resurface those things that you carry around with you everyday. Throughout my life, I have always struggled with my self-image and low-self esteem. I always felt that I was different from everyone else, or people felt that I was not worthy of being treated like everyone else. After that first year at South, I had gained weight through poor dieting and emotional eating. During this depression, I was not eating, sleeping, or completing my homework and assignments as I should have. I secluded myself from others, and I stopped going to class for a few weeks. With that being said, the results of this illness caused me to not be productive or able to put my best foot forward in my everyday life, and I was on the verge of returning back home and leaving it all behind.

I decided to get seek out for help and that is when I decided that I would go to the Counseling and Testing Services here on campus. I began going to my sessions to sort out why I was going through this depression and figure out how I could turn everything around so I could be my best self. Going to speak with a counselor was one of the best decisions I could have made at that time in my life. It started the process of restoring my hope and the reason why I had came to South in the first place.

On today, I write this while being a Senior, graduating on May 5, 2018 with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I prove that through every obstacle and trial that you may come in contact with
, you can always come out on top when you bring that person that's on the inside of you out. Whatever you want to be, you can be. Your dreams are never too far away. Jump that hurdle and believe in yourself because You Got THIS!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

What are the next steps?

This semester is rolling and seniors all around are trying to figure out what are their next steps in selecting there college of choice. With that comes many factors, such as how much will it cost to attend, where is it located, does it have my major that I am interested in, and etc. One thing that I think is important in selecting a school is to definitely attend a campus visit.
By visiting your college choices, you have the opportunity to see what that city is like, what's the atmosphere on campus, how are the people you encounter, and what does this school have to offer. On campus visits, you get to meet with representatives from that institution to get more information in those areas that you have questions about. You are also able to get more information on the major or program that you are interested in and possibly get connected with someone in that area. This is also a great opportunity for parents to get connected with the university and to find out what is there role if the student plans to attend that institution.

Here at South, we have events that aid in this exact process. For example, at USA Day, students and their parents are able to come out to attend a full day of learning about South. They are able to meet student leaders in various positions and organizations, preview their major of choice, tour our campus, residence hall, and rec center, as well get a feel of what South has to offer to them. We also have special events such as Diversion and Inclusion that is hosted the day before USA Day, for students to learn more about our cultural diversity at South Alabama and how underrepresented students can be the perfect fit for this university as well.

As described, visiting the colleges of interests will give you a better view of what institutions has to offer and whether or not it is the best fit for you. I grant you much success and assurance as you trickle down on your future college endeavors.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Can You Feel The Love....

Being a student at South has definitely been the best four years of my life. I am able to attend a university that cares about the students and faculty and constantly evaluates the success and progression of the university. I love that South is a medium size institution, not too big or small, that has strong connection with on campus and the community. Being that I am not from Mobile, I like that it was easy to adjust and find my around South.

I love the small class size in my courses because I feel as if everyone knows each other and we are able to build those connections with people that can help and support us along our college experience. I love that the professors and staff are invested in the success of the students and aids us with the tools to be successful in our various majors and classes. I also love that there are many resources such as the Jag Success Center, Marx Library, Writing Center, Jag Pals, and other resources that are available to students to make sure that students receive the assistance needed to properly complete homework and various projects.

I also love that there are many on campus job opportunities for students to have access to. For many students like myself, they have never been employed and the university allows us to get the professional experience while maintaining our academics. Working here at the New Student Recruitment Communication Center has given me the opportunity to earn revenue to sustain my everyday expenses as well as help prospective students make a decision as to where they will be spending their next fours to further their education and reach their long term goals. Nothing gets better than going to class and coming to work for the University of South Alabama who has definitely help change my life forever. I will always be a proud South Alabama JAGUAR!!!!!